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I make handmade "electronic" music using cheap consumer goods (tape players, radios, record players) and a computer. In early 2005 I was lucky enough to hook up with the Hometapes label, who have since released two albums of mine, "The Complicated Bicycle" and "Bee Removal". I sporadically perform live and while the recorded music is heavily composed and edited, the performances are totally improvised. Live, I use a series of cassette tape players, all equiped with cassette tape loops. The players are used to sample small snippets of tone and texture from guitar and keyboard, which then repeat in a loop. The keyboard and guitar are then used to sculpt further melodies and dissaonce. The end result is rickety ambient pop tunes buried beneath a fair amount of static. To hear a few tracks from my two records, visit me at Myspace

SXSW 2007, Austin, TX

Bee Removal LP (White Vinyl)

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Yet another mind bending experience. This album took a lot longer to finish than I had anticipated. In a lot of ways this was the first time I tried to make an album....and DAMN it can hurt! "The Compicated Bicycle" was more a less a collection of experiments. This record was a bit more focused....with a bigger overal theme. It has been in the works since 2005 and finally came to life in late 2008. Once again, my friends at Hometapes released the record. Overall, the seven songs on this album are much cleaner than my previous work. More spacious too...I tried my best to eliminate all the unnecessary elements. to strip it down to the essentials, leaving a bare bones yet warm afterglow. I was very inspired by the electronic music I heard while in Germany in 2006. These recordings are most definitely a reflection of that. I opted to bow out the art side of this record ...and I'm really glad I did. My friend Chris Kerr made the painting on the front cover. I tried my best to translate his work into a screenprinted sleeve. Nadine helped me with the design. Everything was printed at The Birdmachine.

Track List

1. Tearing Paper
2. Ryman
3. Geist/Coat
4. Interior, Then A Window

5. Bee Removal
6. Glass Paragraph
7. Shape Note Singing

The Complicated Bicycle (Book/CD)


Lost at Sea
My firt proper book and album. This was a small idea that turned into a huge endeavor. Released by the Hometapes label in 2005, this project crystalized a lot of what I was experimenting with when I first moved to Chicago. Cassette tape loops, deteriorating drawings and beats, found sounds, and geometry. A twenty-four page screenprinted book including an 8 song compact disc produced in an edition of 500. This books/cd is available for purchase through Hometapes

Track List

1. Geographical Distance
2. Minutes overlap
3. Conversations with leaves
4. Readability
5. --------------
6. Xerox the numbers in order
7. Outlines
8. Limit the use of Language